Private Birthday Parties

              Well make your party epic with huge inflatable indoor playgrounds, games galore, and even a blow-up birthday throne.

              Group Events

              Got a team, scout troop, or other group youd like to treat? Were on it. We can also help with field trips and fundraisers!

              Other Ways to Play

              Who wants to wait for the next birthday party? Check out our Event Calendar to put some jump into your normal routine.



              Check out our upcoming events:




                Weve got big birthday fun guaranteed! At Pump It Up, well make your next bash one for the books:

                • Private: It's just you and your birthday crew in our inflatable arenas and party room.
                • Customized: Personalize the party with kids' favorite foods, party favors and more.
                • Simple: Call or book online and let us handle the rest of the details.
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                Other Fun Family Activities

                No need to wait for a birthday to come party at Pump It Up! From Open Jump and themed jump events to Parents Night Out, theres always a way for kids to come unleash the fun! Check out our Event Calendar to see whats coming up.

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                Indoor Group Events

                HOST A PARTY ON YOUR OWN!

                Yes, we do groups. And we do them well! Pump It Up promises major fun for outings like these:

                • School Field Trips
                • Little League and other team parties
                • Girl and Boy Scout Troops
                • Fundraisers
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